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Student Watch™

Funded by the NACS Foundation, the Student Watch™ study conducted twice a year contains vital, industry-specific research that offers new insights into the college student consumer and other campus trends.

Student WatchTM: Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Course Materials

Brings you student perceptions so you can effectively understand the evolution of course content.  The report explores course material trends, tracks textbook spending, and analyzes students' attitudes toward the college store.

View the latest Key Findings from the 2016-2017 report.

2016-2017 Report

This fact-packed analysis contains:

  • Acquisition behaviors including where, when, how, and what course materials are being obtained
  • Leading and preferred sources for course materials purchases and rentals
  • Considerations and influences when selecting course materials
  • Cause and effect of students opting out of course materials
  • Use and perception of access codes 
  • End-of-term behaviors including where and why students sold and reasons for keeping course materials
  • Data tables from fall 2016 and spring 2017

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