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Students hold jobs to pay for their expenses and debt

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Students hold jobs to pay for their expenses and debt

Over 60% of students work at paid jobs, and another 5% at unpaid internships. Over half work between 11 and 30 hours a week, and about a quarter work under 10 hours. Most students work to pay their living expenses, about half for extra spending cash, and 41% use money earned to contribute to tuition. 

The other primary reason students work during college is to get valuable, real world experience that will help them in their future careers. Over 30% said they work to gain experience, and 30% hope their jobs will help them build a more solid resume.

The most important factor for students in selecting a job is flexibility in scheduling work around their classes (64%), followed closely by hourly wage and having a job they enjoy. Forty-seven percent of students are looking for a positive, fun work environment, while nearly 40% consider a work/life balance and gaining experience relevant to their major to be critical factors to employment success.  If a job benefits their future career, 84% of students say they’ll work harder at it, so making positions within the campus store as relevant to real world experience as possible will likely yield positive results within your workforce.

The majority of students have not utilized the campus career services office. Of the 35% who have, most sought help with writing a resume and assistance in finding a job. Store directors wishing to further assist their student workers and customers may consider partnering with career services on their campus, provide access and increased visibility, and guide students toward these valuable services. 

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